Are you a Youtuber or do you do regular Facebook lives for your audience? Do you wish you had a way to preserve that content and get more mileage out of it?

I create full-length blog posts from videos for several clients.  You can send me membership site videos, Facebook lives, cooking videos, craft or DIY videos, etc. If you create video content, I can create a blog post from it.

Why bother creating blog posts? Why not just provide the videos for your followers to watch?

Simple. Some folks prefer to read posts rather than watch video content. Video content takes time; time that some people don’t want to give when they could scan a blog post for the parts they’re interested in.

I have experience in several different video niches including fashion, recipes and cooking, education, and entrepreneurship.

When you make the decision to repurpose your video content into written content, you are buying time for yourself and for your business.

There’s no better way to be more profitable than to use content you’ve already created to create more content. It’s a no-brainer for online business owners. While I am busy creating blog posts from your videos, you can be busy creating the next thing that engages your audience and increases your income.

Pricing for Video to Blog Post

Are you ready to take the next step and double your content? For every video that you have a blog post created, you have doubled your content and reached more people. Videos are priced based on length, not word count of the post created. All documents are delivered via Google Docs or saved in a Dropbox folder.

Let’s get started on your project today!

30 minutes or less – $50

30-60 minutes – $65

60+ minutes or a series of videos for a project? Contact me for special pricing.

Detailed timeline available for an additional $5.


Ready to get started? Email me today with your sample!